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Boardroom Evolution Limited exists to help you, the founders, owners, directors, executives and trustees in the private, public and third sectors, take better control of your futures.  Through a suite of bespoke services focussing on strategy development, corporate governance, risk mitigation, exit planning, sustainability best practice, compliance, plus leadership and director development, we deliver help and value by providing you with the time, space and opportunity to step back, reframe your focus and perspectives, develop your skills as a director and leader, and approach the future with renewed confidence and appetite for success.  


Boardroom Evolution can help you take better control of your boardroom, make director decision making more effective and plan for a sustainable future.  Call us today for a conversation about your hopes, worries, ideas and plans, maybe our board consulting, non-executive, executive coaching, director development and mentoring services can help you too.  After all, this is about you and your future.

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Managing Director Paul Fox is a Chartered Director and Fellow of the Institute of Directors, currently completing his MBA at Warwick Business School.  For the last 13 years he has been MD and director with a major environmental consultancy, and practioner with the Institute of Environmental Management, helping SME owners and directors build more effective boards and develop their professional director skills.  He is expert in effective boards, director development, strategy, leadership and sustainability, with 20 years of experience on boards as executive and non-executive.  He is a guest lecturer and MBA assessor at Bournemouth University Business School, and mentors SMEs in sustainability, strategy, governance and planning.  In 2013 he was awarded SW Director of the Year for Corporate Responsibility by the Institute of Directors.

Kiki Maurey OBE MBA; Executive Coach-Mentor/Keynote Speaker, UK

"... His grasp of the sustainability agenda and his commitment to making a difference is hugely refreshing ... coupled with the business acumen to use the sustainability agenda as a competitive edge makes him the "Go-To-Man" ... I highly recommend him as ethical and committed."

 Gary Foster; Sustainability Champion, Natural Catalyst Solutions, Australia

"I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Fox ... throughout his time Paul injected much needed candour, enthusiasm and dynamism into our group of pioneering entrepreneurs.  He very much came across as someone leading by example ... it has been a pleasure to work with Paul."

Vince Caldicott; Managing Director, Premier Contract Supplies, UK

"Paul has been a great asset to our group, giving considerable insight into the challenges facing businesses in areas of legislation, sustainability and conformity, always helpful and a pleasure to work with."

Grant Harrison; Managing Director, Majengo Ltd, UK

"I have used his services in a professional manner.  I found Paul to be a most professional Chartered Director ... able to contribute to our strategic forum.  He is without doubt a key man to have on your team especially when requiring expert knowledge."

Jonathan Russell; Communications & Management Consultant, UK

"Paul is the sort of business leader that I like to deal with - intelligent, direct and generous with his time when he feels mutual value.  He has the empathy to understand and the nous to identify benefits from a relationship."

Derek Taylor; Managing Director, Kirton Farm Nurseries, UK

"... he has always impressed me with his endless enthusiasm and commitment to achieving top business performance.  His short term organisational skills and quality control in a highly regulated sector, as well as his long term strategic planning places him in a very strong position." 

Roger Marsh; Managing Director, Rediweld, UK

"Paul demonstrated clear leadership qualities as well as commitment to environmental issues as part of our business improvement."

Lynda Jones; Head of Health, Safety & Environmental, SONY UK

"What has shone through for me is his commitment and passion ... and his willingness to always go that extra mile ... has worked relentlessly to put his business at the forefront of their industry."

James Talman; Chief Executive, National Federation of Roofing Contractors, UK

"Paul was an active and vibrant contributor to the PLATO:Sustain group, with a clear vision of where he wished to take his business."

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